QC-Quality Control GmbH

Germany, D-85757 Karlsfeld, Dieselstrasse 11

Managing Director / Owner

Dipl.-Ing. (FH) Reimund Rieger

What we offer

QC was founded 1993 and is offering the following products for semiconductor industry and for pharmaceutical industry:

Sales, consulting and service of particle counters for DI-water, liquids, oil, chemicals and parenteralia

Sales, consulting and service of particle counters for air, clean room monitoring and ultra pure gases

Sales, consulting and service of particle size distribution analyzers based on single particle counting

Sales of pre cleaned “Low TOC Vials” used for TOC lab analysis and for “Cleaning Validation”

Sales, consulting and service of ammonia trace gas analyzer for clean room environments and for environment application

Nanoparticle measurement solutions

Consulting and service of air ionisation systems to reduce static charges


Since 2019 we represent Kanomax.

Since 2009 we represent DYNATEX International, Semiconductor dicing equipment and materials.

Since March 2009 we represent RION Co., Ltd. Japan, Particle Counters

Since 2007 we offer a great variety of consumables for the semiconductor production.

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QC-Quality Control GmbH
Dieselstrasse 11
D-85757 Karlsfeld
Phone: +49 8131 998099
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