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The S1800MB is a flexible and opaque material, which provides a high barrier and is heat sealable. It protects against Electrostatic Discharge (ESD), Electro-Magnetic Interference (EMI), and Radio-Frequency Interference (RFI). The product offers waterproof, vapor-proof, and greaseproof protection properties for the packaging of moisture and static sensitive products.

The S1800MB bags conform easily to the shape of products for vacuum packaging while providing excellent puncture resistance. Offering very low gas and moisture permeation, the material's inner layer of polyethylene allows for extremely reliable hermetic seals.



Physical Properties:

Thickness (ASTM-D2103): 3.6 mils

Tensile (ASTM-D882): >40 lbs./inch

Puncture (FED-STD-101C): >20 lbs.

Heat Seal (ASTM-D1876-72): 12 lbs./inch

Light Transmission (ASTM-F1249) < 0.01% inch/square

MVTR (ASTM-1249) < 0.005 gms @ 100°F, 100 inches/24 hr.

Structure Tint: Metallic Silver


Electrical Properties

Surface Resistivity

(ASTM-D257/EIA 541/ 12% RH) <1010 ohms/sq.

Electrostatic Decay

(FED-STD-101C Method 4046.1)

(5k to 0.0 volts) <0.1 seconds

Capacitance Probe (EIA-541) <5 volts , differential

<25 Volts, amplitude

<10 milliseconds

EMI Shielding >40 db, 1E10 GHZ

Charge Generation

Teflon - 0.03 NC/in2

Quartz + 0.1 NC/in2


Chemical Properties

S1800 Series is inert to low carbon steel, aluminum,

silver, tin, stainless steel, and gold.

Important: While the information contained herein

results from extensive testing on these materials and/or information supplied cannot be guaranteed, thus requiring limits on warranty. User assumes all liability regarding damage or loss arising from this product. User shall determine the appropriateness of these materials for intended application and assumes total liability in the event of aforementioned damages.

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