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The DXB is used for bonding wafers to temporary
substrates for subsequent wafer processing.
• Wafer Lapping
• Wafer Polishing
• Wafer Dicing
• Any other temporary wafer bonding
• DXB provides a controlled bonding environment with even heat and constant pressure in
an air-evacuated chamber for bonding semiconductor materials to disposable and
reusable substrates.
• DXB is designed to bond wafers using WaferGrip
Temporary Adhesive. Dynatex
International supplies WaferGrip in various
preformed shapes and sizes to suit the
required application. This along with the
accurately controlled bond line provides an
efficient and robust process.
• DXB bonding chamber is available in two sizes: 11
inches (279 mm) and 5.2 inches (132
mm).The DXB can be used for single or
multiple wafer bonding. For example, four
four inch wafer can be bonded at one time..

Use of the DXB Bonder for mounting wafer to substrate improves bond quality and repeatability while improving process time during lapping, polishing, or dicing. The DXB Bonder reduces the number of air bubbles that can form during the bonding process, improving bond quality to both hard surfaces and flexible substrates.

Die are held tightly to the WaferGrip film, eliminating die fly-off and reducing blade damage. WaferGrip reduces backside chipping while increasing speed, accuracy and yield. A cycle period of 15-45 seconds completes the entire bonding operation making the process cost-effective.

The DXB Bonder causes wafers to be pressed and heated against an adhesive layer on a substrate under a vacuum. Variable cycle time allows either a short (as little as a fraction of a second) cycle for thermoplastic materials, or up to a ten minute cycle for curing epoxies. The heated element of the DXB Bonder is precisely controlled to ensure process uniformity.

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