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Electrostatic FieldMeter



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SIMCO's Model FMX-003 Electrostatic Fieldmeter is a compact, portable survey instrument for measuring electrostatic charge. The FMX-003 measures positive and negative polarity electrostatic charges to 20 kV (20,000 V) at a distance of one inch (25 mm). Results are simultaneously displayed numerically and in bar graph format. POWER on/off, ZERO adjustment, Ion Balance (IB) and HOLD are all push button operations.

Two LED guide ring lights on the measuring side of the unit converge at the proper distance from a test object. The conductive case and ground snap facilitate grounding for accurate measurement. The circuitry of the FMX-003 has been designed to make measurements in areas using air ionization.

Features include:

- Digital and Bar graph display indicates field polarity and intensity

- Battery condition display

- Multi-function audible alarm

- Easy plate attachment for ion balance measurement

- Auto shut off after 5 minutes

- Portable and lightweight

- Auto-ranging digital display

- Includes vinyl storage case, ground lead, and battery


FMX-003 with Charge Plate

Measuring Range Low Range - 0 to ±1.5 kV High Range: 0 to ±22.0 kV

Ion Balance Measurement (Charge Plate Installed) Range: 0 to ±200 V

Power 9 V battery

Size 4 7/8 x 2 7/8" x 1"

Weight 6 oz.

Part Numbers:

FMX-003 4010723

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