KC-31 Airborne Particle Counter



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ISO 21501-4 (JIS B 9921) Compliant
Particle Sizes: 6 channels: ≥0.3, ≥0.5, ≥1.0, ≥2.0, ≥5.0, ≥10.0,
Flow Rate: 1.0 cfm (28.3 L/m)
Function: Touch panel buttons, 5.7″ color LCD panel
Security: 3-stage permission level management, Admin, User, Guest)
Validation: IQ, OQ papers available.
Outputs: USBx2 – “A” for data transfer, and “B” for PC connection,
RJ-45 (for multi-point monitoring system), alarm relays
Printer: thermal, built in
Power: 100V to 240V AC, 50/60 Hz
Battery: Removable Lithium ion Battery, 1 supplied, up to 2 can
be installed
Supplied Accessories: Sampling tube (1m), constant speed suction
probe,zero count filter, AC Adapter, Power Cord, battery x 1, quick instruction manual, CD-ROM (full instr. man, audit trail display Log Viewer).
Options: Sampling tube, Spare battery, charger, USB memory media, carrying case, USB cable, thermo-sensitive
paper, RION Particle Monitor software (consult MGN for proper version, multi-point, or local control)

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