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The KerfAid Lubricant is a concentrated, aqueous-based solution of wetting agents and surfactants that reduces heat build up and moves swarf particles away from the kerf during the dicing process. It is completely water soluble, biodegradable and non-corrosive.

Providing a stream of the KerfAid Lubricant to the blade during dicing will lower the friction between the blade and the substrate, dissipate heat generated by the friction and increase swarf dispersion.

Given a potential for a 30% increase in blade life, improved cleanliness and up to 60% reduction of chipping and cracking, KerfAid is a cost cutting, yield improving solution.

Dicing With Kerfaid Treated Water

Saw dicing with KerfAid treated DI water transports swarf particles away from the saw blade and out of the kerf.

No wafer surface contamination with saw dust or metal ion.

Here the water molecules are tied together and penetrate into the kerf. The swarf particles are dispersed and flushed out of the kerf thereby preventing chipping and internal cracking. Scrubbing after dicing is eliminated since the dispersed swarf particles are not able to settle onto the wafer surface.

Dicing With Untreated or Deionized Water

Debris builds up when saw dicing with untreated DI water, causing chipping and cracking.

Wafer surface contamination with saw dust and metal ion.

Note how water molecules (due to high surface tension) stay at the top of the wafer and do not penetrate into the kerf. This leads to large swarf compactions causing chipping and internal cracking, which must be cleaned out by scrubbing.

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