Particle Sensor KS-17B

0.05µm, 10mL/min



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Can be directly installed in equipment for on-site process control
Max. Sample pressure is 700 kPa
Sensor controller KZ-70 can be used for display, operation control, printout, and other functions
Multi-point monitoring system interface allows control form a computer (also in conjunction with KZ-70) directry
Allows configuration of multi-point monitoring system
(RP monitor/KF-02B)

< Specification >

Optical system: 90° sideway light-scattering method
Light source: Laser diode(wave length : 830nm)
Light detector: Photo diode
Sample object: Pure water
Materials of parts exposed to sample fluid: Synthetic quartz, PFA, Perfluoro(Fluorocarbon rubber)
Measurement size range: 0.05, 0.1µm and over (2 channels)
Sample flow rate: 10 mL/min
Max. particle concentration: 100 000particles/mL (measurement loss 5% for particles around 0.05µm)
Dimensions and weight: 300(W) X 160 (H) X 250 (D) mm (Max), Approx. 6 kg
Dimensions and weight Power supply unit (KZ-50): 71(W) X 112 (H) X 185 (D) mm (Max), Approx.0.8 kg

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