Particle Sensor KS-42BF

A wide measurement range of particle from 0.2 µm to 2.0 µm. Measurements can be made using only small amounts of samples due to high counting efficiency



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Minimum particle size of 0.2 µm, sample flow rate of 10 mL/min
Particle size range (5 channels, factory default setting)
≥ 0.2 µm, ≥ 0.3µm, ≥ 0.5µm, ≥ 1.0µm, ≥ 2.0µm
Leakage detector built-in Outputs alarm when internal leak detected
A sapphire flow cell is used in KS-42BF
Channel size change possible within range of sensor(using KE-40B1)

< Specification >

Optical system: Light-scattering method
Light source: Laser diode (wavelength 780 nm, rated output 40 mW)
Laser product class: Class 1, IEC 60825-1
Materials of parts exposed to sample fluid: Sapphire, PFA, PTFE
Allowable sample fluid types: Any liquid that does not corrode contacting materials
Particle size range: 5 channels (factory default setting) :
≥ 0.2 µm, ≥ 0.3µm, ≥ 0.5 µm, ≥ 1.0µm, ≥ 2.0µm
Arbitrary setting: rbitrary setting from 1 channel to 10 channels. Setting is done by the controller
Setting range: 0.2 µm to 2.0µm
Counting efficiency: 70 % to 110 %
Sample flow rate: 10 mL/min
Maximum particle number concentration: 1 200 particles/mL (at 5 % coincidence loss for 0.2µm particles)
Allowable sample fluid pressure: 300 kPa (gauge pressure) or less
Power: DC12 V (supplied by KE-40B1)
Ambient conditions for operation: +15°C to +35°C, less than 85 % RH (no condensation)
Dimensions and weight: 125(H) × 240 (W) × 151 (D) mm (excluding protrusions), Approx. 3.2 kg

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