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QC´s S2001PVSK, the Periodic Verification System Kit, is a hand-held alternative to a charged plate monitor. It consists of four components- an Electrostatic Fieldmeter, Model S2001, a Detachable Plate, and a Charger- for measuring static charge and verifying ionizer performance. Used alone, the Fieldmeter measures electrostatic fields on any surface. Ranging lights ensure accurate and repeatable measurements by enabling users to determine the exact distance at which the voltage reading is correct.

Plate Assembly and Charger:
The S2001PVSK Plate Assembly & Charger have been designed to match the small size of the S2001, the Electrostatic Fieldmeter. The charger contains an isolated power supply with two stainless steel contact plates for positive or negative charging. A set screw in the plate assembly calibrates the measured voltage.

Electrostatic Fieldmeter

The S2001 is designed to locate and measure static charge potentials on product, people, equipment and packaging. The instrument uses a non-contacting, chopper stabilized field sensor and a ranging light mechanism to ensure correct measurements
of electrostatic fields in all areas- even those using
air ionization. The Fieldmeter is easily zeroed with the turm of a small knob and does not require re-zeroing between measurements. Powered by a 9Volt battery, the S2001 features a conductive, impact-resistant case and a convenient snap-on ground lead to facilitate grounding and increase accuracy.

The Plate Assembly:

Range: 0-2 KV for either polarity, higher voltage may be measured.
Ground: Ground plate attaches to conductive case of S2001.
Dimensions: 1.0”HX3.00”WX1.3”D (2.5X7.6X3.3 cm)
supported on Teflon ® standoffs.
Weight: 71 g.
Certification: CE

The Charger

Input: 9VDC alkaline battery. Battery life in excess of 20 hrs continuous operation.
Output: 1300 VDC+/-20% for each polarity, current limited to less than 1 microamp.
Power Indicator: Red LED
Features: Calibration set screw, pushbutton ON-OFF
Output Contacts Two stainless steel contact plates,
output polarity depends on which plate is grounded.
Dimensions: 4.2”LX2.4”WX0.9”D (10.7X6.1x2.3 cm).
Weight: 113 g with battery.
Certificate: CE

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