RP-Monitor EVO K0505 Ver. 2 & Ver. 3

Automatically operates particle counters. Collects counter values,displays files and prints out data.



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RP Monitor EVO
K0505 (Ver.2/Ver.3)

Supports computer validation

This software will allow you to control particle counters for automatic operation, data collection, data display, filing and printing.
Tree view is used for easy operation, settings for measurement point and conditions.
Control up to 8 ports/8 particle counters in serial communication mode (Ver.2).
Controls particle counters in serial mode and up to 32 points in multiple points (R) mode simultaneously (Ver.3).

< Specification >

K0505 Ver.2
Operating system: Microsoft Windows XP, 7 (32 bit)
Sensor: Max.8 sets
Connectable sensors:
(Air): KC-01E, KC-03B, KC-20A, KC-22A/22B, KC-52
(Liquid): KS-16/16F, KS-17A/17B, KL-28B/28BF, KE-40B1

K0505 Ver.3
Operating system: Microsoft Windows XP, 7 (32 bit)
Sensor: Max.32 sets
Connectable sensors:
(Air): KA-80B, KA-82, KR-02C, KR-03, KC-24, KM-27(manifold system)
(Liquid): KS-16/16F, KS-17B, KZ-51, KL-28B/28BF (option board required)

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