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The S2555 is a precise capacitance-base system for monitoring the standard single-conductor wrist grounding straps and ground connection of static dissipative mats. The system constantly checks the integrity of wrist strap for internal built-in 1 meg ohm current limiting safety resistor, skin contact, when worn, and continuity.
The System consists of:

A. 1 Each, A Monitor (S2555)
B. 1 Each, A 6’ Straight Cord, Banana-To-Mono end terminations, to connect the Monitor to the Common Point Ground (CPG) on the Mat.
C. 1 Each, An isolated Adapter with 7’ straight cord, 3-Prong-To-Mono end terminations, to connect the Monitor to the power outlet .
D. 1 Pair of 1”X2”(Hook & Loop) Velcro, to mount the Monitor to the bench.
E. An Optional Insulated Metal Bracket with 2 screws is also available for mounting the Monitor to the bench.
F. 1 Each, An Alligator Clip.
G. All packed in on box of 5”X3-1/4”X3-3/4” ( 130X85X70mm).
1. Inspect the package to ensure all components, as listed under “F” above are in the box.
2. Mount the Monitor in a visible location on the bench.
3. Connect the Adapter “C” to the Monitor “A” on the back of the Monitor marked Power.
4. Plug-In the Adapter “C” to the Power outlet.
5. Connect Mono plug of “B” to the back of Monitor “A”, where is marked Bench System Ground.
6. Connect Banana plug of “B” to the Common Point Ground (CPG) on the mat.
7. Make sure that the Mat is properly grounded.
8. Insert banana plug of wrist grounding strap to the receptacle on the front panel of “A” where is marked
GREEN-Pass, RED- Fail.
9. Wear the wrist strap properly and make sure that the inner layer of wrist strap making a good contact with your skin.
10. Both LEDs on the front panel of “A” marked as Bench & Operator should turn Green & Stop Beeping. Otherwise, go through step 1-9 & make sure all has been followed and checked. If either one of 2 LEDs on the Monitor did not turn Green, contact your supervisor.
11. Operator Fail Test Range: > 6.5 meg ohm
12. Mat Fail Test Range : >6.8 meg ohm.
13. The S2555 does not require adjustment, but periodical verification of its performance is recommended.
14. To test the proper functioning of the Monitor, use STATICO Model No. MTB1, The Test Box for
periodical performance check of the S2555.

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