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Numerous chemicals typically used in semiconductor wafer processing can effectively strip WaferGrip Adhesives. QC offers Specialty Solvents, formulated for particular applications, to quickly de-bond adhesives and clean wafers.

These Specialty Solvents are high efficiency strippers and cleaners. The stripping process leaves surfaces free of detectable organic residue when directions are followed. They are comprised of nontoxic, low hazard, non-allergenic materials that produce impressive results.

StripAid™ Solvent

QC supplies the StripAid Solvent for numerous applications. StripAid is specially formulated to remove WaferGrip Temporary adhesives.

Because StripAid has a low order of toxicity, it does not require special handling. Always use good industrial hygiene and safety practices. See MSDS for complete safety, handling, storage and disposal information.

Fast Acting
Residue Free
Substrate Safe

Make-up: Use as received (100%)

Equipment: Stainless steel or glass (i.e. Pyrex™) is recommended.

Safety: Eye irritant - irrigate eyes with copious amounts of water if exposed and seek medical attention if symptoms persist. If swallowed, do not induce vomiting. Will dry skin, avoid contact. Gloves should be worn. Launder contaminated clothing. Keep away from open flame. Consult Material Safety Data Sheet for further information.

Process: For best results two stripper baths are recommended followed by a rinse in a bath of isopropol (optional). Because of different process applications, increases or decreases in time and temperature will be required for each application. Working temperature range can be from 75° to 110°F with satisfactory results if time is adjusted properly. For optimum results the use of ultrasonic and recirculating filtration is recommended.

Disposal: Dispose of in accordance with all applicable local, state and federal regulations. Incinerate.

TYPICAL IMMERSION PROCESS: Procedure for Use in Wafer Grip Adhesive Stripping Applications

1. Immerse wafers for 10-45 minutes, depending upon wafer conditions. You can heat it up to 75-110C to strip the wafer grip at a faster rate
2. Optional: Rinse in isopropanol at room temperature for 2-5 minutes, if necessary to remove residue.

Your wafer or devices at this point should be residue free for the next process step.

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