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S6090 series is a state-of-the-art floor maintenance finish with inherent static dissipating properties. This product is specifically formulated for application in computer rooms, electronic assembly areas, telephone substations, or any other area where positive elimination of static electricity is a prime consideration. Its unique static dissipating ingredient is actively linked to the chemical structure of the polymer system, preventing washout or leaching of the static dissipating properties. Easy maintenance, good gloss, and durability are additional assets of this high tech anti-static finish.

S6091 - Stat-Clean
S6092 - Stat-Buff


This material is not a hazardous mixture as defined in 29 CFR 1919, 1200 and M.G.L. c. 111F. Safety glasses and gloves should be worn during application and handling. If ingested, drink milk, water, or fruit juice and induce vomiting with oil of ipecac. In the even of eye contact, flush area with water for 15 minutes. Contact a Physician. For detailed information, consult MSDS sheet.

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