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S1800 Series covers a vide range of static shielding bag sizes, designated to provide users with transparency, flexibility, abrasion resistance and protection against electrostatic discharge (ESD effects on ESDS (Electrostatic Discharge Sensitive) devices and components. This product has multi-layer construction consisting of a 0.5 mil Static Dissipative Pet Film, an Aluminum Shielding Layer & a Static Dissipative Plyethylene Film. The 1800 Series contains no Amines, N-Octanoic Acid, or Heavy Metals. This product is available both in Flat & Zip Closure types.

Thickness (ASTM-D2103): 3.1 mils (80 microns)
Tensile Strength (ASTM-D882): >15 lbs./in
Puncture Strength
(FTMS 10001-C, Method 2065): >12 lbs.
Heat Seal Strength
(ASTM D882, 325º F, 0.75 sec, 60 psi): >12 lbs./in
Light Transmission: >40%

Surface resistivity (ASTM D257)(EIA 541, 12% RH)
Inner Layer: <10E12Ohms/sq. (10E10Ave.)
Conductive Metal Layer: 10E2 ohms/sq.
Exterior Layer: 10E12ohms/sq.(10E10 Ave.)

Static Decay (EIA-541): 0.05 Seconds

Capacitance probe (EIA-541) to dissipate 1 KV: <10 Volts, Differential
EMI Shielding (Mil-B-81705C): <10dB, 1 to 10 GHZ

Charge Generation
Teflon: -0.03 NC/in2
Quartz: +0.1 NC/in2

While the information contained herein results from extensive testing on these materials and/or information supplied by other manufacturers, accuracy and reliability of such tests and information can not be guaranteed, thus requiring limits on warranty. Users shall assume all liability regarding damage or loss
arising from use of the product. Users shall determine the appropriateness of these materials for intended application and assumes total liability in the event
of aforementioned damages

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