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The S2010 is a hand held instrument that checks surface resistivity and resistance to the ground. The checker, with two brass bars, employs the ASTM Standard D-257 method of parallel bar sensing.


Power Supply: 9 V Alkaline Battery
Test Voltage: Nominal 9 V
Temperature Range: Operating: 40° to 120°F (5°-to-49°C); Storage: -15° to +60°C
Relative Humidity: 0% to 90% (non-condensing)
Resolution: One Order of Magnitude
Changeover Point: ½ Decade on a Logarithmic Scale
Changeover Point Accuracy: ± ½ Decade
Accuracy: 10%
Repeatability: ± 5%
Weight: 6 oz.
Dimensions: 130 mm X 70 mm X 25mm

Battery Check:
Remove the battery compartment end panel and check that a good 9V alkaline battery is in place. Hold the checker away from any surface and press the test button, the insulative red LED should light, indicating the battery is good. Another option is a
battery with a self-checker.

Resistance to Ground:
Required Equipment
Place the checker onto the surface that requires testing, press and hold the test button. The LED that illuminates constantly is the decade measured.
10E3 = 1 kilohm Green LED
10E4 = 10 kilohm Green LED
10E5 = 100 kilohm Green LED
10E6 = 1megohm Yellow LED
10E7 = 10 megohm Yellow LED
10E8 = 100 megohm Yellow LED
10E9 = 1,000 megohm Yellow LED
10E10= 10,000 megohm Yellow LED
10E11= 100,000 megohm Yellow LED
10E12= 1,000,000 megohm Yellow LED
>10E13 = Insulative REDLED

Resistance to Ground
Insert the ground lead (included) into the ground socket. This isolates the test probe on the right side of the meter (the same side as the right socket). Connect the alligator clip to the ground connection. Place the checker on to the surface to be tested, press and hold
the test button. The LED that illuminates constantly is the decade measures. The measurement will be resistant to ground in ohms instead of ohms/square.

The checker should be calibrated every twelve months, on average

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