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After processing, the die need to be prepared for easy, accurate pick and placement. The DXE-Expander is engineered to integrate your equipment into that process. It mounts tape to hoop sets, uses hoop sets to expand the tape, and expands die evenly so that pick and place becomes a seamless process.

This system provides an easy and efficient way to mount tape on to hoop sets in preparation for the die separation process. The DXE Expander is used to expand the tape to create equal and parallel spaces between singulated die.

Mounting your Wafer. Mounting film or tape on concentric hoop sets is done by placing an inner hoop on the lower heated element of the DXE and an outer hoop inside the recessed area of the top lid. Plastic film or tape is then placed across the top of the heated element. The top lid is lowered then raised using the handle. Excess film is trimmed from the bottom of the hoop set. The set is now ready for wafer mounting.

Expanding your Wafer. To expand singulated wafers, place the wafer on the DXE and a new outer hoop in the lid of the unit. The lid is lowered and then raised. The new outer hoop has replaced the previous one. The tape is omnidirectionally stretched. This process may be repeated until desired expansion is achieved.

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