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The VSE 3000's variable speed fan and integral air flow diffuser floods the entire workstation with static eliminating ions. The VSE 3000's patented self-balancing circuitry maintains a balance range of 0+/-5 V. Exceptionally quiet, the unit delivers a powerful air flow with low energy loss. Noise levels are low due to the use of sound absorbing materials.

Features include:

- Fast charge decay

- 0+/-5 V balance

- Long Range

- Wide coverage area

- Rugged enclosure


Discharge Time <1.0 sec (1000 V to 100 V) at 12

Air Volume Output Variable: 80 to 160 cubic ft/min (38 to 76 liters/sec)

Power 35 Watts

Part Numbers:

115 V 10735-001

230 V 10735-014

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