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Wafer Grip is a Precision replacement to wax bonding (or crystal bonding) of parts



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The WaferGrip Thin Film Adhesive is an advanced composite film adhesive engineered to bond wafers, thin film heads, optics and other substrates during dicing, grinding, lapping and polishing.

WaferGrip and Electrically Conductive WaferGrip Thin Film Adhesives are EVA-based (ethylene vinyl acetate) polymers. The WaferGrip adhesive’s high shear strength allows for faster dicing speeds on smaller die. Used in surface mount applications, Electrically Conductive WaferGrip reduces static discharge and helps manufacturers produce smaller, faster and lighter chips.

WaferGrip is a heat activated adhesive with uniform thickness, that can be applied using a hot plate, wafer bonder, or other heat sources.

WaferGrip is offered in various thicknesses and sizes, 1) as an adhesive on a polyester backing and 2) as an adhesive film on release paper. With WaferGrip Adhesive's high shear strength, devices as small as 2 mils squared can be processed without the die fly off.

After the part has been processed it can easily be stripped from the substrate by placing it in the WaferGrip Stripper (StripAid or Shipley SVC-32) for 10-45 minutes depending on the application. The parts should be stripped at 75-110°C. Rinse with isopropol (IPA) for 2-5 minutes if necessary.

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