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The S2222, is a small & precise device for constant monitoring of 2 standard single conductor wrist grounding straps, with audible & visible alarm features.
On/Off Switch on the front panel for Wrist Strap 1 & 2
When powered up & at the On position, Constantly Monitors the Wrist Straps for Skin Contact, 1 Meg Resistor, & Ground Connection
LED Indicator on the front panel for Wrist Strap 1 & 2
Green for Pass
Red for Fail
Wrist Strap Receptacle on the front panel for Wrist Strap 1 & 2
6V DC Receptacle on the back panel
2 Recessed holes for Mounting Screws
Ground Connection Post on the back panel for Wrist Strap 1 & 2
The S2222 is packed in a box of 5-3/4”X4-3/4”X2” (145X120X50mm) & consist of
The Monitor 4-5/16”X4-1/4”X1”(110X55X28mm)
A Grounding Wire
2 Mounting Screws
An AC/DC class 2 Adapter (Input: 120VAC 60Hz 35mA; Output: 6V DC 300mA), UL Listed.
1. Mount the Monitor on the proper location with good visibility
2. Connect the Grounding Wire (Green color with Yellow line) to the Ground Connection Point on the back panel. Unscrew the Ground Post, slide the ring terminal of the cord on the post, and screw it back.
3. Connect the other end of Grounding Wire to a Ground point properly.
4. Connect the Adapter to the Monitor at the Receptacle on the back panel, and then Plug-In the
Adapter to the power source.
5. Turn the Monitor On by shifting the switch
6. At this position the Monitor should give sound alarm and the LED should turn to blinking Red.
7. Wear the Wrist Strap & make sure that your wrist strap is in good contact with your skin and properly fastened
8. Plug-In the wrist strap to the Receptacle on the front panel.
9. At this position if your wrist strap is good the audible alarm will stop & LED will turns to a constant Green.
10. As long as the Monitor & Wrist Strap is properly connected, LED will stay Green, otherwise the
audible alarm and the Red blinking LED will go on indicating one or more of the above-mentioned steps are missing or you have a bad wrist strap.

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